API reference

Payments API

Execute a payment for a shopper with a saved payment method

POST /api/v1/payment

Required Parameters

  • amount (number): The transaction amount in minor units. Must be a positive integer, greater than or equal to minimal amount and less than or equal to maximum amount.
  • currency (string): The currency code for the transaction.
  • merchantAccountId (string, optional*): The identifier for the merchant's account. Required if merchantReferenceId is not provided.
  • referenceId (string): A unique identifier for the checkout request. This should be persisted in your system to identify and match the corresponding transaction when a webhook notification is received. The referenceId ensures accurate tracking and reconciliation of transactions.
  • shopperId (string): A unique identifier for the shopper with active saved payment methods, created during an initial checkout with savePaymentMethod flag. Shopper must belong to the same organization as the merchant account.
  • recurringProcessingModel (enum - Subscription, UnscheduledCardOnFile) UnscheduledCardOnFile: A transaction that occurs on a non-fixed schedule and/or have variable amounts. Subscription: A transaction for a fixed or variable amount, which follows a fixed schedule.

Optional Parameters

  • customAttributes (Record<string, string>, optional, max 80 characters per attribute): Custom data associated with the tansaction, displayed on the ui and returned in the payment webhook body. The list of possible keys is configured by the tenant.

Example: Process unscheduled card on file payment for $339.49 USD"


    "referenceId": "v0lFEZW0uZegFTn",
    "amount": 33949,
    "currency": "USD",
    "merchantAccountId": "MERH4N6NUVZKZ",
    "shopperId": "ENOE2",
    "recurringProcessingModel": "UnscheduledCardOnFile",
    "customAttributes": {
        "INVOICE_ID": "1234"

Successful Response

    "data": {